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Welcome to NPSARC
Saturday, 12 June 2004

Club Net now on Wednesdays at  7 PM (1900)


Club Meeting Thursday, October  9th at  7 PM (1900)

Location: Monterey Moose Family Center, 555 Canyon Del Rey, Del Rey Oaks, CA.


RadioFest 2015 Scheduled for Saturday, March 7th, 2015


 Due to recent changes in the NPS Base access requirements and procedures for Civilians 

Regular meeting are at the Monterey Moose Family Center, 555 Canyon Del Rey, Del Rey Oaks, CA.



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  Wednesday Club Net 1900 (7 PM) K6LY 146.970 (-)/ 444.700 (+) MHz Pl -94.8 MHz

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***Upcoming Events***
Wednesday, 07 July 2004

October 9th - 1900 (7 PM) Club Meeting

Location: Monterey Moose Family Center, 555 Canyon Del Rey, Del Rey Oaks, CA


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Scuttlebutt News
Monday, 09 July 2007

NPS Amateur Radio Club Newsletter

   Scuttlebutt Fall 2013

   Scuttlebutt Summer 2010

   Scuttlebutt Fall 2010

   Scuttlebutt Winter 2010/11

   Scuttlebutt Summer 2011

 Archives updated all SBs from 1996 thru 2010 under members only site. 
Members have access to previous newsletters under the Members only access.
Membership ($20 for the whole family, $10 out of area) provides access to prior newletters, a mail account, member badges ( and discount for family members) and access to the roster. See Join Us on left.

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K6LY has the full suite of N3FJP's Amateur radio software (see ). About 30 contest programs. If you want to use this package for any contest related to K6LY or K6NPS just contact KI8CX to get access to the passwords.



What is your favorite operating mode for 2014 Field Day?
When would you like to see Radiofest held in 2015?

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