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You'll need to pass a written exam. has practice exams which you can use to try out your readiness for the real FCC exams.
  Link   AA9PW FCC Amateur Radio Practice Pages
This site is intended to provide practice for the US Amateur Radio examinations required to obtain a US Amateur Radio license. To obtain a license you will have to take the exams at a testing session run by an accredited Volunteer Exam Coordinator. F
  Link Ham Exams
Select the exam you would like to take by selecting the button next to the license class. Then click on the 'Take Exam' button. You will be given a mock exam. Select your answer to each question and then submit them to the examiner robot. Yo


K6LY has the full suite of N3FJP's Amateur radio software (see ). About 30 contest programs. If you want to use this package for any contest related to K6LY or K6NPS just contact KI8CX to get access to the passwords.

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